About us

Westside Bridge Academy is central and west Houston's premier venue for duplicate bridge instruction and play.

We have open games every day and I/N games several times each week - see the schedule to the left for details.

We are a friendly and welcoming place for you to play.

Snacks, coffee, and tea are complimentary!

We have the best directors and nicest players!

The Common Game

We play the same hands as hundreds of other clubs across the US and Canada.

You see your results compared with everyone who played the hand.

The results often come with expert commentary.

Results are match-pointed across the entire field - hundreds of tables!

Monthly winners are compiled and reported.

What we do

You get an individual summary emailed to you only a few minutes after the game!

We use "The Common Game"; for details see below.

We play three boards per round, nine rounds whenever possible, and everyone plays all 27 boards. No more saying "We didn't play those boards" when comparing with your friends! It's true duplicate.

We offer complimentary snacks, coffee, and tea!

We have a full schedule of classes!

Welcome to the Website for the Westside Bridge Academy.

Ed Lilly

Sadly, Ed Lilly suffered a stroke a few days ago and passed away this morning, July 17th. When we know more, we will post the information.

299r Tournament

Some of the photos from the tournament have been posted. You can see them here. Please email Bert Onstott at bertonstott@comcast.net with corrections or omissions.

The Longest Day!

The silent auctons to win a playing session with an expert are over. These are the winners:

9:00 June 21st

1:30 June 21st

6:30 June 21st

At a date/time to be determined

Raffle Winners!

The winners of the raffle for ten free plays were:

The winners can pick uo their ten free plays from the director at their convenience.

Call in reservations

Effective immediately the directors will no longer accept call in reservations for a N-S seating assignment unless the caller has a mobility issue that requires them to sit N-S.

If you have a mobility issue and need to be seated N-S we will of course honor that. To make it easier on the directors, we request that you call in 45 minutes or so prior to game time and ask to be seated N-S.

Otherwise, seating assignments will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you want a N-S, get there early!

We have had many complaints from those who show up 30 minutes prior to game time only to find that all the N-S tables for their strat have been taken by those who called in for a reservation.

The directors make a strong effort to spread out the A+, A, B, & C players so that one section or direction is not significantly stronger than another, since that makes the competition fairer for all. It is often difficult to do that and seat everyone in their preferred direction, so if you don't get the direction you prefer, realize that is the reason why.